deuces dinning hall

tomorrow morning i officially report for my new rotation as the housekeeping intern. i am not going to lie and say i was jumping off the walls when i first heard that i was hand-picked for this job, but as time has gone on and A LOT of praying about it,  i am actually excited for a new rotation. i have LOVED being the dinning hall hostess so much. it was surprising how much at home i felt in the kitchen and with that staff, they will have a REALLY sweet spot in my heart forever. it is such a bitter sweet moment, to leave what i love and enter to what i am very nervous about but it is on like donkey kong.

being an intern and living in the freaking middle of nowhere i am learning what a “simple” lifestyle looks like. i would have said that i lived a very simple life back in charleston, but the lord is kindly teaching me otherwise. the mountains have a way of calming your head and your heart and making you take a step back and gazing at god’s glory. it’s necessary and has a way of just simplify my day. i walk outside see the insane mountains and am like dang, well done god. bammm. how can you beat that? i am understanding why simplicity is a spiritual discipline, but the more i am aware of it, the more i see the good in it.

Photo Nov 23, 4 52 13 PMsee what i am talking about… bammm, this is god’s glory (blurry photo and all).

on another note, i freaking love the holiday season. we have been having so much fun these past couple of weeks. to say that i am into snowboarding is a small understatement. i am getting so much better and love going out and learning more. i am ready for it to just DUMP snow (who would have ever thought that i would be saying that?).  between christmas movie marathons, decorating snowmen cookies, and christmas lights (ps colored christmas lights- tacky or awesome? there is a major debate in the intern house), christmas time is good in colorado.

Photo Nov 26, 11 08 22 AM

Photo Nov 26, 11 08 36 AM

Photo Dec 03, 12 24 21 PMlet’s talk about this for a second. sweetest place ever. a giant building of trampolines, foam pits, dodgeball rooms. sweet heaven. thank you  erin klamm for being born and choosing this for your birthday celebration!

DSC_0058Photo Dec 03, 1 55 46 PMPhoto Dec 03, 7 35 59 PMPhoto Dec 03, 8 29 24 PMPhoto Dec 03, 8 51 43 PM

tis the season my friends!


shredding the gnar

ask me where the phrase “shredding the gnar” comes from- who knows? But life in Colorado these days is freaking awesome and between hitting the mountain and just playing I really feel like its a perfect description of life at crooked creek. Being in the mountains and snow for the first time is like discovering something new as a child. I went sledding last week down our front yard (a giant hill) and was grinning from ear to ear. I loved it! We all got our snowboards and skis and Lindsay and I were so anxious to start we attempted to snowboard down our driveway. Between the laughing, falling, snow all down my pants, and more laughing we made it down with the snowboard bug. then i bring you to the past two days of actually learning how to snowboard. geez louise i have NEVER been more sore in my entire life. i fell literally 100 times and have groan a little when i try to move any part, but i GOT it. i was carving some S turns by the end of day two! so freaking awesome!! i LOVE it.




I know some of you were worried that I wouldn’t be able to see Twilight- but no fear me and 12 other crooked creek staff went on opening night to see it in it’s ripping heads of glory… it was great. but all in all life is great, and as the holidays are HERE (how did that happen) I am so glad I’m here shredding the gnar.

here are some fun picks from our last few days in housekeeping. you gotta find a way to make it fun! 20121117-201638.jpg




20121117-201717.jpghappy thanksgiving sweet friends. catch ya on the mountain.

digging in (and out)

i am past the two month mark and crooked creek is starting to feel like home. that feels unreal to me. i have lived in colorado for TWO months. but y’all are my people so i am going to be real with you- I MISS THE SOUTH there is no doubt about it! i feel like we (the interns) are at the point of digging into this life. we are comfortable with our jobs and positions and exploring what else this nugget town of fraser has to offer us. (just in case anyone was wondering in the 2011 census fraser had 1,199 people. das right.)

i have found a lot of joy and  freedom from my work, eat, sleep, & play at camp life, wit grand county young life. we had a halloween scavenger hunt this week and even though in a car of 7, 4 of us were leaders, it was so fun to get that total joy of throwing the “rules” aside and just go. i love the thrill of running onto someone’s porch to snap a picture and trying to hold in your laughter then running when you hear the door knob start to open. there is so much freedom in those moments. (and clearly i have a problem with trespassing & my lack of respect for not doing it. opps) i am getting the opportunity to dig into this community and see what these high school kids are really like.

happy halloween from the ombre, cow, and just all around beauty queen.
just being creative and making “snow angels” inside where it was dry and not cold. boo ya rules.

for the digging out part of the blog. winter is upon us. i have had to shovel snow twice- which makes my shoveling experience at two… it is so funny for me to think that people do this every day to get out of their drive way. whatttt. i also spent about half an hour last weekend trying to get the 4 inches of ice off of my car. seriously people. this month is the start of digging out of the snow nonstop. also we had a “driving in the snow tutorial” this week. just in case you guys were wondering here is the list of items that you should have in the car at all times: hook (to attach to your car when you get stuck in the ditch), water, flashlight, snacks, sleeping bag, shovel, blankets, and as many extra clothes as you can spare….. what have i gotten myself into 🙂

but even though the snow has fallen- it is still really beautiful here during the days. the sun is out and it warms up a bit. on monday anna, lindsay, and i decided to take out the longboard to the center circle before this place is really covered in snow. i learned to longboard in charleston- which has zero hills, so of course when asked if i could handle one i thought mehh i bet. WRONG. the concrete really did the digging in– to my elbow as i slide into the side walk. i don’t regret it, it is more a challenge now, but just another fun day at camp.

please note my face here. this is basically the exact moment where i realized this run was NOT going to turn out well. it makes me laugh out loud. also just check out that background. my backyard is bad ass!

and the after math. opps.

we have our first YL weekend since i have been here with high school kids! I AM SO EXCITED. my dinning hall is jammed back and they are just a few buildings away having their first club. there is a new sense of excitement among the interns knowing YL kids are HERE. My sweet friend Rachel Bast is at Sharptop this weekend taking a bunch of senior girls to camp and I get excited seeing all the leaders here. She is the very freaking best leader there is, so i know if these leaders here are half of Rachel Bast then they are set!!

also. happy birthday to the sweet and wonderful meagan carter, my hipster inspiration! i wish i was there to celebrate you being 20 years young.

it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…

and yes i have already started listening to christmas music. how can i say no to justin beiber singing “shawty with you?”

but good thing it is only october. i really do not think that i will get used to waking up and seeing snow on the ground. i am sure that in april when it is still snowing- that’s right it will STILL be snowing in april, i will be happy to see it go but for now this southern girl will just bask in this glory. i was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and laughed when we realized that the weather we are experiencing now is basically the dead of winter at home. oh this girl is in for a treat!

life at camp as been so sweet these past days. the community here is so fun to be apart of. on sunday nights we all go to hampton’s (guest service director) house and watch the amazing race together. we all choose our teams (GO TEAM DATING DIVORCEES) and just spend time together outside of “the office.” lauren- when we are on we will be everyone’s favorite team. we had a pumpkin carving contest this past weekend- which i channeled my mountain hipster style, and had every pumpkin treat possible. along with garlic and soy sauce pumpkin seeds. HELLO, lets talk about delicious.

most of you know that going on field staff for young life has been on my mind for several years. it is a scary thought- and something i am not sure the lord has called me to, which is one of the main reasons i have come out here for the year. i wanted to experience a different side of young life and frankly, see if i missed being a young life leader. grand county young life is not the most thriving in the area. even though young life has a huge presence in this area the actual young life isn’t not growing as much as we would like. they asked some of the interns to help out and invest in the leaders and club. i was hesitant to help because i wanted a break but after one club i quickly realized there is no way i cannot help. my ji team would quickly back me up in the fact that i like to be organized and for club to go well- so it was a natural thing for me to see ways we can help make grand county young life run a little better. the team here is incredible for their desire and will to do this and we are so glad that we can help.

the first club had around 23 kids (which is awesome) and went really well. please keep grand county yl in your prayers. it is a small high school with only 240 people and there is no reason we cannot share jesus will all 240. i am so excited to see how the lord works throughout this year and am so thankful for the opportunities to see yl in all different aspects.

snow on snow on our HIKE

our entire staff headed down to trail west for a crooked creek staff retreat. trail west is in buena vista right across the road from frontier ranch. this was a really wonderful time to be together and play. we spent some time sharing life with one another and just enjoying young life camp. we are blessed to work at such a beautiful place, but i must admit it was nice to just relax and be the camper for a change.

this is the view from my room at trail west. how freaking beautiful right? cannot get over how well they pick the locations for these yl camps.

now for those of you that don’t know- i am not the most enthused hiker. sure, sure, i live in hiking central, but that doesn’t mean i want to go hike a 14er (a hike that you reach an elevation of 14,000 feet ) with my charleston elevation lungs everyday.

this is an example of a 14er that was beside us as we went on our hike. woof.
[side note- i looked up charleston’s elevation and it is 20 feet. fraser’s elevation is 8,500. yes you can be shocked, my bodies breathing ability is too]

i would actually like to avoid 14ers forever, but as a staff we decided to go on a day hike. it was 8 miles and i will toot my own horn that i completed it without dying and had a good time. what most of us didn’t realize that is was going to get pretty snowy by the end of it. it was the most snow i have seen in years. but a really beautiful adventure and really sweet time with friends. the beauty in colorado is undeniable. the lord had a good time when he decided to make this place.

not even a fair representation of snow on this hike, but my desire to make it to the top (and immediately turn around) over took the desire to take another picture.


i also got the chance to go visit frontier ranch for a couple of hours. i had never been there before, but know how loved it is by my friends.

a tradition with the crooked creek interns is to do a “old western” photo for the house and on the way back we got to add to this tradition. i laughed out loud and realized that this girl cannot hold a straight face, but we grabbed some dresses, stockings, cowboys costumes, guns, and bottles of whisky. glad we could join the tradition (alyse, proud to put it up on the same wall as yours)

just a small preview to the gems that we took.

i cannot stop…

taking pictures of the MOUNTAINS! i am so tempted to instagram each and every picture i take but i stop myself, don’t want to overload people. i was flipping through all the pictures on my phone and decided i won’t instagram them but i will share them with y’all on here. let’s be real- this will not be my first all mountain pictures post (especially when it is all covered in snow).

even though it takes me an hour and a half to get to any legit store (target) i am driving through total beauty so it makes the drive seem a little easier. enjoy my friends. with love.

boulder: city of dreamers and schemers

(first of all- props to madi kois for the boulder motto “city of dreamers and schemers”)

some days i would say that i am dreamer and other days i would say i LOVE to hang out with schemers so it is easy to admit i LOVE boulder. if you cannot find me back on the east coast when this year is over it is because i am frolicking in the streets here. i love this city!! it has a main road, very similar to king street, but it is blocked off just for walking. pearl street has local shops, cheesy shops, shops that i could spend a million dollars in, and of course local restaurants.

all the girls had the day off yesterday so we crammed into the outback and headed out. we got lunch at snarfs, a local sandwich shop recommended by ellen anne skelton, and it was delicious. then in normal girl fashion parked our car and then spent the afternoon walking through all the shops. all the clothes (& the people) are either mountain (aka most YL leaders dream) or hipster (i’m starting to lean more towards this). i cannot commit to being a mountain person- it’d be false advertising b/c you all know how much i love hiking…

it was a really sweet day with the girls and if/when anyone comes to visit i will be taking you to this sweet town.


20120925-141046.jpgthese are both taken on pearl street. sweet place with shops and restaurants. 20120925-141052.jpgwhat is most exciting is yes- i did buy this sweater and yes- it will be cold enough that i can totally get away with it. boom i love colorado weather and style.

why do some cities love sculptures.. you can find a variety of bears throughout boulder and denver. regardless they make excellent picture opportunities.

notice anything different….

miss you all. happy mumford and sons day.


something about being in colorado and in a ski town brings out the hipster in us. we have two intern birthdays this week and to start of the celebrations of kristin and todd’s birth we went hipster bowling. everyone committed to the theme night- beards were shaved to mustaches, tattoos were drawn on (put a bird on it), and tight jeans were a must. it was a sweet time with the roomies together being so #hipster.


da dinnin’ hall hostess

so a lot of you guys have been asking what does my job actually looks like as the dinning hall hostess. well if you are familiar with young life camp at all then it is basically just the work crew boss for the servers that come in… but if not here is a basic lay down-

Every group that comes brings their own “work crew” which can consist of high school students, moms (they are the best), or any variety of people! They sleep in their own specific building together and come specifically to serve.  I send about 5 of them to go be cooks (which I do not have any leadership over, good thing right?) and then 5 of them to do Pits (aka the most insane dish washing crew eva!) The rest of these sweet volunteers are my servers!

I give them a basic run down of how we do things at Crooked Creek in the dinning hall. We serve all of our meals “family style” and then as a work crew, break down and set back up for the next meal. It is a very tedious job because everything on the table has a specific place. The napkin designs have to be in a certain locations, place mats half an inch from the edge of the table, etc. etc. As someone that is NOT OCD, the details are easy for me to overlook, but the mindset behind the tables are simply that we are setting it for Jesus so it better be perfect.

Along with overseeing my people I am in charge of making all the drinks for the meals. I basically am going to be a master mixologist by the end of this rotation. I make a mean orange juice along with the perfect combination of sugar and tea for the infamous sweet tea. Sure, they give me the recipe to make each drink but it takes a lot of talent and skills to whisk the powder and water combination!

Here are a couple pics of my office…

Okay, so there is of course wild life in SC but for some reason I just get way more excited about it here. I freak out a little bit and today as I was driving up to the office I saw two HUGE moose! I slammed on my breaks and wanted to run up the hill to take a picture but who knew that moose were “passive aggressive” and will attach you- not me, but here is my quick iphone pic…

Last little diddy- here is a sweet picture of all of the interns this year! Good looking crew if I say so myself!


weekend one: boom roasted

I write this post joyful and rested as I hang out on my first day off! We had our first group this weekend, the Front Range Leadership (600+ Colorado YL Leaders). I think all the interns were glad that our first group were leaders who would show us grace when their table didn’t get forks (or napkins…opps) or the line at the coffee bar was long- they showed us kindness and appreciation. I loved being the dinning hall hostess (aka work crew boss) and meeting high school kids and working along side them. We worked really hard and long but had fun. I was blessed with a slamming work crew (seriously they spoiled me) who spent about an hour and a half after the dining hall was set up singing and dancing in pits. It was hilarious and I walked around the kitchen grinning at them. It was a sweet reminder of why I am doing this job and what is important. I loved it.

All the interns have been spending a lot of time together this past week getting to know each other and just playing. We had our first bonfire (in our built in pit- dream) and played a round of frisbee golf (and to no surprise to anyone I’m awful, but I did have an incredibly sweet throw that went straight into the post. My sweet roomie, Anna, ran and jumped into my arms. It was that exciting.) We are several chapters into The Magician’s Nephew- where will the new pool take Digory and Polly?! I am blessed to be in a house with people that are intentional in loving/getting to know each other and loving the Lord.

It is chilly here at night (well my version of chilly) so we bundled up by the fire together!

I took a walk today with Erin around camp and snapped some pictures of camp. It is fall here- weird right? Fall! The trees are changing colors and are beautiful. This place is mesmerizing- I walk outside and just am in awe of the excellence that is the rocky mountains.