yellow summertime

it has been too long my friends. oh how much as happened in the past month in colorado, but here are my favorites…

1. it finally STOPPED snowing at camp. there is no guarantee how long it will last, but it is in the 70s today so this girl is not complaining. it is unbelievable to me to have feet of snow and then it melts away so quickly. there is really no snow anywhere except a few slopes on the mountain. i even got burnt yesterday from sitting by the pool. it was pretty dang awesome.

2. i ran a half marathon! it was the colorado half in fort colins. it was a really sweet accomplishment.Photo May 05, 10 02 13 AMPhoto May 05, 9 31 20 AM

3. i got to see drew and ellie and needtobreathe in denver. boys- you still got it.Photo Apr 24, 11 08 33 PM Photo Apr 24, 9 37 12 PM Photo Apr 24, 9 24 13 PM

4. the summer interns arrived. our sweet little intern house went from 10 residents to 21. yeah, 21. we have 11 guys and 10 girls in total and they are all wonderful. it is such a blessing how much the lord has created a genuine community here.164921_10100907274242033_1723952255_n week has come and gone and camp looks amazing. campers arrive ONE week from today. that blows my mind but i am pumped.

Photo May 16, 2 48 37 PM Photo May 16, 10 00 33 AM Photo May 21, 1 15 15 PM Photo May 21, 1 57 30 PM

6. 24 of us went on a mini wilderness adventure and packed our packs for 3 days for a hiking/camping extravaganza. yes, i went camping/hiking for 3 days. maddy would be so proud of me.


Alright, lets talk this camping trip. If you know me, which I assume you do, you know that hiking (aka walking up a hill, who really enjoys that) is not my first choice activity. we borrowed equipment from  rmr (basically a less intense version of yl wilderness) and I was asked to pack my very first hiking/camping backpack. Ha, still makes me chuckle. Side note- I do not own hiking boots, like ever so this should give you an idea of my qualifications for this trip. But, we did it, all 24 of us drove to grand junction and went on our adventure. Here is what I learned from this trip….

1. i don’t care that it is hot outside. bring on the sweat band around my waist from my pack if I can wear shorts and a tank without shivering. i am who i am. i sweat when it’s hot and i am carrying the weight of a small child on my back, and i like it.

2. grand junction hiking is my kind of hiking. it isn’t a mountain as much as a giant valley of huge rocks. todd and anna affirmed the assumption we looked like we were hiking in arizona.

3. i will never live in arizona.

4. cactus suck, why do they exist?

5. if you put a large structure of rocks in front of 21 interns we will try to climb it. no matter how unrealistic it is. someone will do it.

6. going to the bathroom in a hole in the ground… not my style and really not all that much of a success.

7. i have insane respect for maddison newkirk. how and why she did wilderness for 2 years is something only her and the lord will ever understand 🙂

8. riding in the car with 5 other people after 3 days on the trail for 4 hours, things have smelt better.

DSC_0226 DSC_0211 DSC_0175 DSC_0162 DSC_0229

But really it was such a fun trip and I am so glad we went. We have a dream team at crooked creek ranch and I am beyond thankful for them. I cannot believe the summer is here this is what we have been working for the past 9 months.

here we go,please pray for my friends and i as we about open shop at camp!


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