stacks on stacks on stacks

i realized that i have not blogged in ages, and so much as been happening this past month. i went home. JOY. i will post my favorite pics later, but i cannot explain how sweet and life giving my time in charleston was. if you were apart of that in any way thank you. really.

so i am pretty deep into my third rotation and what is going to be my summer rotation- RETAIL! it has been so much fun already and i cannot wait for the summer. in the retail department there are four different sections- the store, the snack bar, the lift, and the bead cart. during the school year we don’t do the bead cart but i have been in the store and the lift pretty regularly. the lift is basically starbucks at crooked creek. but seriously. as most of you know i am not a coffee drinker and didn’t know the difference between a mocha and a latte a month ago. but now i am a expert (questionable) barista! i actually really love working the lift. it is so much fun and i have a whole new appreciation for the art of making coffee. still don’t like it but oh well! i love the store and that is where i will be this summer. i am the summer intern over the store and the bead cart! pretty dang excited about it.

todd is my fellow retail intern and i could not of chosen a better partner. even though we bicker more that anyone else in the world, we have so much fun together. we are in the process of unpacking stacks on stacks on stacks on a few more stacks of boxes. all the summer stuff is arriving and it is like christmas everyday. you open a box and have no idea what is going to be inside. it has been so fun and we laugh often. please take a quick peak at life at a retail intern these days.

Photo Apr 09, 2 57 14 PM Photo Mar 19, 1 10 04 PM Photo Mar 19, 2 01 08 PM Photo Mar 20, 9 34 33 AM Photo Mar 20, 12 52 45 PM Photo Mar 22, 3 43 12 PM




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