guilt free ice cream

if you have ever known anyone that is on young life staff then i am certain you have heard them say that young life has GREAT insurance. well they are correct and for the first time in forever i found myself with dental insurance. i joyfully went to the dentist to get a check up and left feeling defeated when they strongly suggested i get my wisdom teeth taken out. womp womp. i have taken pride in not “needing” to get them out, one was already coming out so surely i had room. wrong (that one that was coming out was actually stabbing me in my cheek, but i didn’t think that was abnormal).

after a strong suggestion i checked my work schedule and squeezed in an appointment to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed this past friday. it went really well and my family here at ccr took really good care of me, but what a funny weekend it has been for this chubb cheek. first of all- the interns were SO excited to see post drugs amy. they kept asking pam, who took me to my appointment, to take a video of me after and ask me dumb questions. my doctor did not knock me out fully so i was fully conscious the entire time and was insanely proud of myself post surgery. i took it upon myself to make a video just to prove how together i was… this was the end result (spoiler alert/disclaimer you can see blood in my mouth and it’s gross sorry).

yeah i had it all together? but i really did, this video just doesn’t defend myself all that well. regardless i have spent the past 4 days with a schedule of a newborn baby: sleep several hours, wake up, snack on soft food, take strong drugs, partake in awkward small talk, go back to sleep. obviously babies don’t take drugs but they are usually milk drunk so that equals out and my awkward small talk was equivalent to my roommates staring at me and i dosed off on a couch which is exactly what you do to a baby. on the flip side (but let’s be real that is nothing too bad about my schedule) i got to indulge in plenty of guilt free ice cream!  hannah alexander introduced me to talenti gelato last year. holy cow this stuff is good and i have JOYFULLY nibbled on it all weekend.

today i finally feel like a normal person again. i still want to crawl into bed every few hours for my nap, but fought the countless urge. i did not fight the urge to partake in mcdonalds fries this afternoon. i was not sorry, regardless of the level of sore my mouth was after. i share some funny selfies i took this weekend with y’all, because honestly most of y’all would have been around to make fun of me if i was in charleston.

Photo Mar 03, 12 18 38 PM

Photo Mar 03, 12 39 19 PMPhoto Mar 03, 12 44 23 PM

Photo Mar 02, 10 10 40 AMthe homemade popsicles erin made me. sweet girl. took such good care of me!

but that is OVER and my countdown to come home has dwindled down so much.
i will be back in charleston in exactly 21 days.
doesn’t get better than that. see ya real soon friends!


One thought on “guilt free ice cream

  1. Awww man this is hysterical! I will tell you good for you to do the wisdom teeth now vs. later! I just had them taken out last February and it was worse than childbirth for the few days after. I swore I wouldn’t take the oxycontin they gave me because it messes me up but my mouth hurt so bad I caved. Popped a pill and couldn’t feel a darn thing in my mouth but threw up for 2 days straight. Such a delight to throw up ice cream constantly. Soak up the time and we can’t wait to see you soon. I’ll have talenti waiting on you!

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