let’s be real. february isn’t the greatest month. nothing that exciting happens. sure valentines day is my jam and i have a child like love for it, but really whoever decided to make it 28 days had the right idea. but luckily we have made good of the month february in the intern house. i just feel like we have had a lot of fun this month and i love that. we made a lot of videos and took some funny pictures.

so here is a little blip into our lives being funterns.

to celebrate our love for the guys on valentine’s day we decided we would make old school paper bag valentine cards. after lindsay decided to make puppets of herself and her boyfriend (see video below) we thought we would make one of each boy. this then turned into us making a video of each boy to send to them. here is some pics and videos of that night.

Photo Feb 12, 8 04 23 PM Photo Feb 12, 8 07 37 PM Photo Feb 12, 8 53 54 PM

Photo Feb 21, 5 06 09 PMover christmas and random packages from friends we have been gifted calendars. we have collected five and were VERY joyful when it was finally february 1st and we could all switch one calendar. it was document worthy.Photo Jan 31, 9 13 20 PM (1)

Photo Feb 17, 5 46 42 PM Photo Feb 10, 12 16 41 PM Photo Feb 18, 6 33 13 PM Photo Feb 14, 7 42 40 PM Photo Feb 10, 12 16 24 PM

Photo Feb 04, 5 15 23 PM Photo Feb 15, 4 13 48 PM

happy february from all the funterns.


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