boys. boys. boys.

by popular demand a small bio on the boys of ccr. these two pictures describe our  love (& sometimes hate) perfectly.

love. Photo Feb 04, 7 03 21 PMthese sweet boys bought us treats and cleaned our living room when we went to boulder for the day. sweetest.

Photo Jan 10, 8 59 21 PM
they think they are so funny and filled our entire shower up with snow, and no it did not just melt if you turned on the water. it needed to be shoveled out. they are trouble…

but really we are so blessed with five incredible guys. they love the lord and each other so well; it is so sweet to see their friendships with each other and how much they desire to be men of god. they take care of us well and make us laugh often. here are a few facts and some of their favorite things.

friends, i introduce you to the ccr boys…



from hawaii who moved to colorado to snowboard (he is the real life johnny tsunami), has the best hair in the house, in love with one of coolest people ever. he was an extra in pirates of the caribbean (4 maybe?), an artist, a risk taker, and is so passionate about the outdoors. he is a great listener and  intentional with his friendships.

ryan (greeno):


california boy with minnesota roots. loves his truck and mustang. he might have worked at woodleaf, but be never talks about it so we aren’t sure. he hates peanut butter but loves root beer. he is an avid user of yahoo news and the dictionary word of the day. greeno has in infectious laugh and very willing to help his friends and so easy to talk to.

ryan (dunc):


absolutely obsessed with is beard (and sometimes refuses to trim it) and texas. eats ricearoni and instant mashed potatoes then follows them with ice cream. he was the best housekeeping intern this camp has ever seen. he is the most incredible and dedicated scripture memorizer. dunc works really hard at everything he does and is kind and honest. he loves oakley and can be seen sporting it daily.

susheel (sushi):


first and foremost is on the cover of yl’s famous book, “back to the basics.” does not like sushi, sports diamond studded earrings, doesn’t know who john wayne is, and  is ridiculously sweet and cares for us girls really well. sush is famous and knows everyone, so you probably already know everything about him and that he can fit into a size 26 pair of jeans (aka a 0) tehe. he is so passionate and impresses us daily with his intentionality and loyalty.



is the reason for this particular blog (aka he complained) refers to himself in the third person. hates nicknames but has so many good ones (hotty toddy, toddilicious, tater todd, todd the wet sprocket),  is in love with shebrie. has the greatest one liners and drives a little peanut  car named gloria. hates all things cold and snowy, expect tubbing. he’s an incredibly talented cook and genuinely cares about the people around him.

we are thankful for each of them. 


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