still cold, don’t worry

i was reminded that i have not written a blog in a while, and frankly it is because not a whole lot has been happening here at camp. we are officially in the midst of winter creating a monster in me who thinks it is warm when it is 32 degrees outside. yes i know i have changed. it has been slow at camp with a lot of “deep cleaning days.” they are exactly what they sound like. days of scrubbing each tile in the showers (future campers you are welcome, woof), vacuuming out bunks, etc. though these days can be very hard… it makes the days campers are here so much more worth it. i am anxiously awaiting the spring with its FULL schedule!

a couple of weeks ago i was blessed with the presence of one of my greatest friends, lauren walters. she flew out to the rocky mountains to spend a long weekend with me. miraculously, walt is an excellent skier and shredded the gnar non-stop. it was a perfect weekend.

Photo Jan 19, 2 14 17 PM Photo Jan 20, 12 39 33 PM

each time i discover a new winter joy i have a small doubt that i can live in a place with no snow for the rest of my life (don’t worry it fades real fast). friends, i discovered tubbing. where has this been my entire life. we had an intern fun night and we all went night tubbing. JOY. after i asked countless people i was affirmed that there is no way that I am going to fall off my tube, we saw this kid get JOLTED off his and roll down the mountain. typical. luckily we all made it out safe and had such a baller time. loved it.

Photo Jan 31, 8 02 05 PM IMG_0098 IMG_0090 IMG_0083

sweet time is being spent together these days for which i am so thankful for. i have already had a request to do a “bio” of the boys (cough, todd) so back soon with that. happy monday friends. miss you all dearly.


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