ladies of ccr

the interns were all folding laundry together and i jokingly said i had written a bio of each one of them on my blog and then i realized i really should. i spend ALL my time with the same 4 girls and they are a major part of this year and my life. i adore them all and our friendships. i feel like you guys should get to know them a little better because they are more of this year then any snowboarding picture is. so with that being said, i give you the ladies of crooked creek.

anna-68174_4366263547621_1786797492_nthis picture perfectly describes her infectious sense of humor. i am blessed enough to have the most perfect roommate in her. anna is from arizona and is basically the smartest and  most intellectual friend i have. (she will be mad at me for saying this, but i’m not sorry) she is going to seminary next year at (cough cough) princeton. what a badass, right? but really anna is so trusting and genuinely cares for anyone she comes in contact with. she is a major reader. like i’m talking a whole suitcase of books. a major lover or lord of the rings and a candy connoisseur. really though. anna is obsessed with sour candy. it’s one of my favorite traits about her. she has fancy t-shirts and grungy t-shirts. she can make her elbows move in a weird way, and loves to make people uncomfortable with them. basically i could go all day with my favorite things about her. a perfect friend.

erin-424926_4104195531894_752027914_nmamma klamm as we like to call her, is from wisconsin and is so dedicated to everything she does. i appreciate erin’s friendship so much because she is the one to ask the questions that you need to be asked. she cares enough to go out of her way to love you so well (including leaving sweet notes in my bathroom drawer). even though she is from another icebox in america she always has 50 layers of clothes on making her always look like a snuggle snow bunny. erin is humble. i admire that so much her. she doesn’t realize how incredibly smart and hard working she is. she wakes up at the crack of dawn every morning and goes to sleep earlier at night (we might make fun of her for this, but secretly i desire to be a morning person).erin will be the ultimate mom and wife as she is willing to try any new recipe on pinterest. erin finds joy in the smallest things.

kristin-561072_3809328800410_2100366873_noh kristin. i like to call her a little bird for multiple reasons, all which define her. first of all this would be her spirit animal if we were to have a spirit animal (what does that actually mean, a spirit animal? i don’t know but it’s funny to think about). she has a tendency to perch on chairs and can never sit still. kristin nibbles on granola, oatmeal, and cinnamon and pops around the house. she is my east coast partner. kristin is OBSESSED with nc state and brings joy to a room when she gives us a wolfpack howl.  you can rarely find her without a toboggan on (what a toboggan you ask, what most of the world calls, a beanie). kristin is the hardest worker. she is going to be the ULTIMATE guest service intern and will be the most bad ass property staffer one day. she never complains about anything and finds the best in every situation. she loves her friends passionately.  she makes me giggle more then most people. kristin is a treasure.

lindsay-561962_10151452934502802_865826549_nlindsay may or may not be my humor soul mate. we laugh at the exact same things and tend to be the ones slipping inappropriate jokes in. lindsay laughs at herself and life more than anyone else. she is a true texan. she sings every song on the radio (even though she doesn’t know any words). when lindsay first meets someone she ask more questions than most people could even think about and genuinely cares about each answer. her nickname is fartin’ martin’ (for good reason, sorry). when asked to make  serious face, she makes that stank face. she broke her elbow on day two of snowboarding and had the greatest attitude. lindsay is so intentional. she loves giraffes and her dream job is to be a giraffe tender in heaven. linds is trusting and honest. she inspires me in countless situations (marathon running, singing at loud as possible at club- great or not, & seeking laughter in everything). i could sit in a room and laugh with lindsay forever. she is the most generous person and is a JOY to be around.

i could not of asked for a better group of girls to live, work, play, and grow with. photo-14

they are my favorite. 


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