happy christmas from crooked creek

i have spent the afternoon cleaning up the hurricane that is my room and started to think about packing for christmas in SOUTH CAROLINA. i am very excited to go home. we have had a really wonderful past two weeks full of christmas fun and just really sweet time together as interns. i think i might miss them when i leave (just a little, shh don’t tell them). i feel like we have had 100 christmas parties, but who is complaining?

Photo Dec 06, 6 01 38 PM Photo Dec 06, 6 06 04 PM Photo Dec 06, 8 13 51 PMwhite elephant gift exchanges are by far my favorite. no one here really is as creative as caleb costa and his hidden presents behind all the fish in his house, but it never fails to bring me joy. this year i ended up with a GIANT shoe horn (really) a cameo shirt (fitting), and the most glorious colorado mug. it was a victory in my book.

it has also been snowing A LOT. like dumping everyday which also means a lot of shoveling (& snowboarding). in a weird way i enjoy shoveling. it is relaxing and fun to look around and be in a winter wonderland which makes me feel like i am in narnia and aslan or at least mr. thumnus is going to pop up around the corner at any minute.

Photo Dec 09, 11 43 21 AM
Photo Dec 09, 11 43 31 AM

Photo Dec 07, 8 10 38 PM

anna and amy
Photo Dec 15, 10 13 04 AM

Photo Dec 09, 4 14 24 PM Photo Dec 09, 4 14 18 PMso one of my new favorite past times is sledding, but unfortunately our sled might have gotten run over by and car and was literally cracked in half. it was holding on at the bottom for about a foot. but basically busted. leave it to linds and i to still try to go down the hill on some fresh powder. well from the two pictures above you can clearly see we got off a little too early with NO goggles on my face and i literally thought my face was going to freeze and fall off. and then since the sled was cracked in half this is how we eventually ended. COVERED in snow.

the sweet guys surprised the girls with a “fancy” dinner this week. we all got dressed up and they took us out to dinner at a restaurant at devil’s thumb. we are blessed with really great guys who care for us really well, even if they have to be convinced a little bit.Photo Dec 12, 8 05 32 PM Photo Dec 12, 7 03 00 PMwe spent an entire day decorating the dinning hall for our crooked creek christmas party. it was a new adventure putting together the biggest fake christmas tree ever, but such a hilarious afternoon. it ended with an awesome christmas party where they spoiled us with new fleeces. what a gem of a staff to be apart of.

Photo Dec 10, 9 54 32 AM Photo Dec 10, 5 30 11 PM Photo Dec 10, 11 48 20 AM Photo Dec 10, 1 25 33 PM Photo Dec 10, 9 32 40 AM Photo Dec 11, 7 48 33 PM Photo Dec 16, 11 01 49 AMone of the awkward aftermath of all having the exact same fleece is that we go out for breakfast all wearing them. opps, but i guess we are TWINIES!!

Photo Dec 06, 6 34 44 PM

happy christmas dear friends, with much love


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