yellow summertime

it has been too long my friends. oh how much as happened in the past month in colorado, but here are my favorites…

1. it finally STOPPED snowing at camp. there is no guarantee how long it will last, but it is in the 70s today so this girl is not complaining. it is unbelievable to me to have feet of snow and then it melts away so quickly. there is really no snow anywhere except a few slopes on the mountain. i even got burnt yesterday from sitting by the pool. it was pretty dang awesome.

2. i ran a half marathon! it was the colorado half in fort colins. it was a really sweet accomplishment.Photo May 05, 10 02 13 AMPhoto May 05, 9 31 20 AM

3. i got to see drew and ellie and needtobreathe in denver. boys- you still got it.Photo Apr 24, 11 08 33 PM Photo Apr 24, 9 37 12 PM Photo Apr 24, 9 24 13 PM

4. the summer interns arrived. our sweet little intern house went from 10 residents to 21. yeah, 21. we have 11 guys and 10 girls in total and they are all wonderful. it is such a blessing how much the lord has created a genuine community here.164921_10100907274242033_1723952255_n week has come and gone and camp looks amazing. campers arrive ONE week from today. that blows my mind but i am pumped.

Photo May 16, 2 48 37 PM Photo May 16, 10 00 33 AM Photo May 21, 1 15 15 PM Photo May 21, 1 57 30 PM

6. 24 of us went on a mini wilderness adventure and packed our packs for 3 days for a hiking/camping extravaganza. yes, i went camping/hiking for 3 days. maddy would be so proud of me.


Alright, lets talk this camping trip. If you know me, which I assume you do, you know that hiking (aka walking up a hill, who really enjoys that) is not my first choice activity. we borrowed equipment from ¬†rmr (basically a less intense version of yl wilderness) and I was asked to pack my very first hiking/camping backpack. Ha, still makes me chuckle. Side note- I do not own hiking boots, like ever so this should give you an idea of my qualifications for this trip. But, we did it, all 24 of us drove to grand junction and went on our adventure. Here is what I learned from this trip….

1. i don’t care that it is hot outside. bring on the sweat band around my waist from my pack if I can wear shorts and a tank without shivering. i am who i am. i sweat when it’s hot and i am carrying the weight of a small child on my back, and i like it.

2. grand junction hiking is my kind of hiking. it isn’t a mountain as much as a giant valley of huge rocks. todd and anna affirmed the assumption we looked like we were hiking in arizona.

3. i will never live in arizona.

4. cactus suck, why do they exist?

5. if you put a large structure of rocks in front of 21 interns we will try to climb it. no matter how unrealistic it is. someone will do it.

6. going to the bathroom in a hole in the ground… not my style and really not all that much of a success.

7. i have insane respect for maddison newkirk. how and why she did wilderness for 2 years is something only her and the lord will ever understand ūüôā

8. riding in the car with 5 other people after 3 days on the trail for 4 hours, things have smelt better.

DSC_0226 DSC_0211 DSC_0175 DSC_0162 DSC_0229

But really it was such a fun trip and I am so glad we went. We have a dream team at crooked creek ranch and I am beyond thankful for them. I cannot believe the summer is here this is what we have been working for the past 9 months.

here we go,please pray for my friends and i as we about open shop at camp!


stacks on stacks on stacks

i realized that i have not blogged in ages, and so much as been happening this past month. i went home. JOY. i will post my favorite pics later, but i cannot explain how sweet and life giving my time in charleston was. if you were apart of that in any way thank you. really.

so i am pretty deep into my third rotation and what is going to be my summer rotation- RETAIL! it has been so much fun already and i cannot wait for the summer. in the retail department there are four different sections- the store, the snack bar, the lift, and the bead cart. during the school year we don’t do the bead cart but i have been in the store and the lift pretty regularly. the lift is basically starbucks at crooked creek. but seriously. as most of you know i am not a coffee drinker and didn’t know the difference between a mocha and a latte a month ago. but now i am a expert (questionable) barista! i actually really love working the lift. it is so much fun and i have a whole new appreciation for the art of making coffee. still don’t like it but oh well! i love the store and that is where i will be this summer. i am the summer intern over the store and the bead cart! pretty dang excited about it.

todd is my fellow retail intern and i could not of chosen a better partner. even though we bicker more that anyone else in the world, we have so much fun together. we are in the process of unpacking stacks on stacks on stacks on a few more stacks of boxes. all the summer stuff is arriving and it is like christmas everyday. you open a box and have no idea what is going to be inside. it has been so fun and we laugh often. please take a quick peak at life at a retail intern these days.

Photo Apr 09, 2 57 14 PM Photo Mar 19, 1 10 04 PM Photo Mar 19, 2 01 08 PM Photo Mar 20, 9 34 33 AM Photo Mar 20, 12 52 45 PM Photo Mar 22, 3 43 12 PM



spring fever


okay this picture might seem strange but it brings me JOY for several reasons!
1- do you see that grass?? that’s right the sun came out and some snow is melting
2- I am wearing shorts!
3- it was 54 degrees outside (doesn’t seem warm but it is here)

all that being said, I have SPRING FEVER! sadly not going to last long, the winter is still here to stay for a few months… but on days like today giddy spring obsessed me is frolicking around camp!

help me pray for bomb weather in charleston!

guilt free ice cream

if you have ever known anyone that is on young life staff then i am certain you have heard them say that young life has GREAT insurance. well they are correct and for the first time in forever i found myself with dental insurance. i joyfully went to the dentist to get a check up and left feeling defeated when they strongly suggested i get my wisdom teeth taken out. womp womp. i have taken pride in not “needing” to get them out, one was already coming out so surely i had room. wrong (that one that was coming out was actually stabbing me in my cheek, but i didn’t think that was abnormal).

after a strong suggestion i checked my work schedule and squeezed in an appointment to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed this past friday. it went really well and my family here at ccr took really good care of me, but what a funny weekend it has been for this chubb cheek. first of all- the interns were SO excited to see post drugs amy. they kept asking pam, who took me to my appointment, to take a video of me after and ask me dumb questions. my doctor did not knock me out fully so i was fully conscious the entire time and was insanely proud of myself post surgery. i took it upon myself to make a video just to prove how together i was… this was the end result (spoiler alert/disclaimer you can see blood in my mouth and it’s gross sorry).

yeah i had it all together? but i really did, this video just doesn’t defend myself all that well. regardless i have spent the past 4 days with a schedule of a newborn baby: sleep several hours, wake up, snack on soft food, take strong drugs, partake in awkward small talk, go back to sleep. obviously babies don’t take drugs but they are usually milk drunk so that equals out and my awkward small talk was equivalent to my roommates staring at me and i dosed off on a couch which is exactly what you do to a baby. on the flip side (but let’s be real that is nothing too bad about my schedule) i got to indulge in plenty of guilt free ice cream! ¬†hannah alexander introduced me to talenti gelato¬†last year. holy cow this stuff is good and i have JOYFULLY nibbled on it all weekend.

today i finally feel like a normal person again. i still want to crawl into bed every few hours for my nap, but fought the countless urge. i did not fight the urge to partake in mcdonalds fries this afternoon. i was not sorry, regardless of the level of sore my mouth was after. i share some funny selfies i took this weekend with y’all, because honestly most of y’all would have been around to make fun of me if i was in charleston.

Photo Mar 03, 12 18 38 PM

Photo Mar 03, 12 39 19 PMPhoto Mar 03, 12 44 23 PM

Photo Mar 02, 10 10 40 AMthe homemade popsicles erin made me. sweet girl. took such good care of me!

but that is OVER and my countdown to come home has dwindled down so much.
i will be back in charleston in exactly 21 days.
doesn’t get better than that. see ya real soon friends!


let’s be real. february isn’t the greatest month. nothing that exciting happens. sure valentines day is my jam and i have a child like love for it, but really whoever decided to make it 28 days had the right idea. but luckily we have made good of the month february in the intern house. i just feel like we have had a lot of fun this month and i love that. we made a lot of videos and took some funny pictures.

so here is a little blip into our lives being funterns.

to celebrate our love for the guys on valentine’s day we decided we would make old school paper bag valentine cards. after lindsay decided to make puppets of herself and her boyfriend (see video below) we thought we would make one of each boy. this then turned into us making a video of each boy to send to them. here is some pics and videos of that night.

Photo Feb 12, 8 04 23 PM Photo Feb 12, 8 07 37 PM Photo Feb 12, 8 53 54 PM

Photo Feb 21, 5 06 09 PMover christmas and random packages from friends we have been gifted calendars. we have collected five and were VERY joyful when it was finally february 1st and we could all switch one calendar. it was document worthy.Photo Jan 31, 9 13 20 PM (1)

Photo Feb 17, 5 46 42 PM Photo Feb 10, 12 16 41 PM Photo Feb 18, 6 33 13 PM Photo Feb 14, 7 42 40 PM Photo Feb 10, 12 16 24 PM

Photo Feb 04, 5 15 23 PM Photo Feb 15, 4 13 48 PM

happy february from all the funterns.

boys. boys. boys.

by popular demand a small bio on the boys of ccr. these two pictures describe our  love (& sometimes hate) perfectly.

love. Photo Feb 04, 7 03 21 PMthese sweet boys bought us treats and cleaned our living room when we went to boulder for the day. sweetest.

Photo Jan 10, 8 59 21 PM
they think they are so funny and filled our entire shower up with snow, and no it did not just melt if you turned on the water. it needed to be shoveled out. they are trouble…

but really we are so blessed with five incredible guys. they love the lord and each other so well; it is so sweet to see their friendships with each other and how much they desire to be men of god. they take care of us well and make us laugh often. here are a few facts and some of their favorite things.

friends, i introduce you to the ccr boys…



from hawaii who moved to colorado to snowboard (he is the real life johnny tsunami), has the best hair in the house, in love with one of coolest people ever. he was an extra in pirates of the caribbean (4 maybe?), an artist, a risk taker, and is so passionate about the outdoors. he is a great listener and  intentional with his friendships.

ryan (greeno):


california boy with minnesota roots. loves his truck and mustang. he might have worked at woodleaf, but be never talks about it so we aren’t sure. he hates peanut butter but loves root beer. he is an avid user of yahoo news and the dictionary word of the day. greeno has in infectious laugh and very willing to help his friends and so easy to talk to.

ryan (dunc):


absolutely obsessed with is beard (and sometimes refuses to trim it) and texas. eats ricearoni and instant mashed potatoes then follows them with ice cream. he was the best housekeeping intern this camp has ever seen. he is the most incredible and dedicated scripture memorizer. dunc works really hard at everything he does and is kind and honest. he loves oakley and can be seen sporting it daily.

susheel (sushi):


first and foremost is on the cover of yl’s famous book, “back to the basics.” does not like sushi, sports diamond studded earrings, doesn’t know who john wayne is, and ¬†is ridiculously sweet and cares for us girls really well. sush is famous and knows everyone, so you probably already know everything about him and that he can fit into a size 26 pair of jeans (aka a 0) tehe. he is so passionate and impresses us daily with his intentionality and loyalty.



is the reason for this particular blog (aka he complained) refers to himself in the third person. hates nicknames but has so many good ones (hotty toddy, toddilicious, tater todd, todd the wet sprocket), ¬†is in love with shebrie. has the greatest one liners and drives a little peanut ¬†car named gloria. hates all things cold and snowy, expect tubbing. he’s an incredibly talented cook and genuinely cares about the people around him.

we are thankful for each of them. 

still cold, don’t worry

i was reminded that i have not written a blog in a while, and frankly it is because not a whole lot has been happening here at camp. we are officially in the midst of winter creating a monster in me who thinks it is warm when it is 32 degrees outside. yes i know i have changed. it has been slow at camp with a lot of “deep cleaning days.” they are exactly what they sound like. days of scrubbing each tile in the showers (future campers you are welcome, woof), vacuuming out bunks, etc. though these days can be very hard… it makes the days campers are here so much more worth it. i am anxiously awaiting the spring with its FULL schedule!

a couple of weeks ago i was blessed with the presence of one of my greatest friends, lauren walters. she flew out to the rocky mountains to spend a long weekend with me. miraculously, walt is an excellent skier and shredded the gnar non-stop. it was a perfect weekend.

Photo Jan 19, 2 14 17 PM Photo Jan 20, 12 39 33 PM

each time i discover a new winter joy i have a small doubt that i can live in a place with no snow for the rest of my life (don’t worry it fades real fast). friends, i discovered tubbing. where has this been my entire life. we had an intern fun night and we all went night tubbing. JOY. after i asked countless people i was affirmed that there is no way that I am going to fall off my tube, we saw this kid get JOLTED off his and roll down the mountain. typical. luckily we all made it out safe and had such a baller time. loved it.

Photo Jan 31, 8 02 05 PM IMG_0098 IMG_0090 IMG_0083

sweet time is being spent together these days for which i am so thankful for. i have already had a request to do a “bio” of the boys (cough, todd) so back soon with that. happy monday friends. miss you all dearly.

ladies of ccr

the interns were all folding laundry together and i jokingly said i had written a bio of each one of them on my blog and then i realized i really should. i spend ALL my time with the same 4 girls and they are a major part of this year and my life. i adore them all and our friendships. i feel like you guys should get to know them a little better because they are more of this year then any snowboarding picture is. so with that being said, i give you the ladies of crooked creek.

anna-68174_4366263547621_1786797492_nthis picture perfectly describes her infectious sense of humor. i am blessed enough to have the most perfect roommate in her. anna is from arizona and is basically the smartest and ¬†most intellectual friend i have. (she will be mad at me for saying this, but i’m not sorry) she is going to seminary next year at (cough cough) princeton. what a badass, right? but really anna is so trusting and genuinely cares for anyone she comes in contact with. she is a major reader. like i’m talking a whole suitcase of books. a major lover or lord of the rings and a candy connoisseur. really though. anna is obsessed with sour candy. it’s one of my favorite traits about her. she has fancy t-shirts and grungy t-shirts. she can make her elbows move in a weird way, and loves to make people uncomfortable with them. basically i could go all day with my favorite things about her. a perfect friend.

erin-424926_4104195531894_752027914_nmamma klamm as we like to call her, is from wisconsin and is so dedicated to everything she does. i appreciate erin’s friendship so much because she is the one to ask the questions that you need to be asked. she cares enough to go out of her way to love you so well (including leaving sweet notes in my bathroom drawer). even though she is from another icebox in america she always has 50 layers of clothes on making her always look like a snuggle snow bunny. erin is humble. i admire that so much her. she doesn’t realize how incredibly smart and hard working she is. she wakes up at the crack of dawn every morning and goes to sleep earlier at night (we might make fun of her for this, but secretly i desire to be a morning person).erin will be the ultimate mom and wife as she is willing to try any new recipe on pinterest. erin finds joy in the smallest things.

kristin-561072_3809328800410_2100366873_noh kristin. i like to call her a little bird for multiple reasons, all which define her. first of all this would be her spirit animal if we were to have a spirit animal (what does that actually mean, a spirit animal? i don’t know but it’s funny to think about). she has a tendency to perch on chairs and can never sit still. kristin nibbles on granola, oatmeal, and cinnamon and pops around the house. she is my east coast partner. kristin is OBSESSED with nc state and brings joy to a room when she gives us a wolfpack howl. ¬†you can rarely find her without a toboggan on (what a toboggan you ask, what most of the world calls, a beanie). kristin is the hardest worker. she is going to be the ULTIMATE guest service intern and will be the most bad ass property staffer one day. she never complains about anything and finds the best in every situation. she loves her friends passionately. ¬†she makes me giggle more then most people. kristin is a treasure.

lindsay-561962_10151452934502802_865826549_nlindsay may or may not be my humor soul mate. we laugh at the exact same things and tend to be the ones slipping inappropriate jokes in. lindsay laughs at herself and life more than anyone else. she is a true texan. she sings every song on the radio (even though she doesn’t know any words). when lindsay first meets someone she ask more questions than most people could even think about and genuinely cares about each answer. her nickname is fartin’ martin’ (for good reason, sorry). when asked to make ¬†serious face, she makes that stank face. she broke her elbow on day two of snowboarding and had the greatest attitude. lindsay is so intentional. she loves giraffes and her dream job is to be a giraffe tender in heaven. linds is trusting and honest. she inspires me in countless situations (marathon running, singing at loud as possible at club- great or not, & seeking laughter in everything). i could sit in a room and laugh with lindsay forever. she is the most generous person and is a JOY to be around.

i could not of asked for a better group of girls to live, work, play, and grow with. photo-14

they are my favorite. 

happy 2013 friends.

hello 2013. i welcome you and the countless mistakes i will make when i write 2012 instead! i cannot believe that christmas time has flown by and we are already done with new years. i had such a sweet time at home and have been non stop since i have been back at camp. Photo Dec 28, 4 20 08 PMfirst of all i came home to tracy looking like this. how in the world do you approach this situation… you don’t. tracy is parked and cold for the rest of the season. at least she still looks good.

Photo Jan 01, 12 00 07 AMPhoto Dec 31, 11 31 59 PMPhoto Jan 01, 1 04 06 AMPhoto Dec 31, 11 58 16 PMwe rang in the new year with 600 plus texans and cheered with our sparking apple juice. good thing we took advantage of the giant dance party going on.

Photo Jan 01, 3 09 05 PMlook in the background. it does not get much better then that!Photo Jan 01, 2 50 44 PMi could not of asked for a better way to ring in the new year. kfarr and i decided to go for an afternoon run and it was one of the most beautiful days we have had. you could see for miles in the valley. i have the snowboarding bug and am so blessed to get to go as much as i do!


i am so glad i am here in 2013. cheers friends.

happy christmas from crooked creek

i have spent the afternoon cleaning up the hurricane that is my room and started to think about packing for christmas in SOUTH CAROLINA. i am very excited to go home. we have had a really wonderful past two weeks full of christmas fun and just really sweet time together as interns. i think i might miss them when i leave (just a little, shh don’t tell them). i feel like we have had 100 christmas parties, but who is complaining?

Photo Dec 06, 6 01 38 PM Photo Dec 06, 6 06 04 PM Photo Dec 06, 8 13 51 PMwhite elephant gift exchanges are by far my favorite. no one here really is as creative as caleb costa and his hidden presents behind all the fish in his house, but it never fails to bring me joy. this year i ended up with a GIANT shoe horn (really) a cameo shirt (fitting), and the most glorious colorado mug. it was a victory in my book.

it has also been snowing A LOT. like dumping everyday which also means a lot of shoveling (& snowboarding). in a weird way i enjoy shoveling. it is relaxing and fun to look around and be in a winter wonderland which makes me feel like i am in narnia and aslan or at least mr. thumnus is going to pop up around the corner at any minute.

Photo Dec 09, 11 43 21 AM
Photo Dec 09, 11 43 31 AM

Photo Dec 07, 8 10 38 PM

anna and amy
Photo Dec 15, 10 13 04 AM

Photo Dec 09, 4 14 24 PM Photo Dec 09, 4 14 18 PMso one of my new favorite past times is sledding, but unfortunately our sled might have gotten run over by and car and was literally cracked in half. it was holding on at the bottom for about a foot. but basically busted. leave it to linds and i to still try to go down the hill on some fresh powder. well from the two pictures above you can clearly see we got off a little too early with NO goggles on my face and i literally thought my face was going to freeze and fall off. and then since the sled was cracked in half this is how we eventually ended. COVERED in snow.

the sweet guys surprised the girls with a “fancy” dinner this week. we all got dressed up and they took us out to dinner at a restaurant at devil’s thumb. we are blessed with really great guys who care for us really well, even if they have to be convinced a little bit.Photo Dec 12, 8 05 32 PM Photo Dec 12, 7 03 00 PMwe spent an entire day decorating the dinning hall for our crooked creek christmas party. it was a new adventure putting together the biggest fake christmas tree ever, but such a hilarious afternoon. it ended with an awesome christmas party where they spoiled us with new fleeces. what a gem of a staff to be apart of.

Photo Dec 10, 9 54 32 AM Photo Dec 10, 5 30 11 PM Photo Dec 10, 11 48 20 AM Photo Dec 10, 1 25 33 PM Photo Dec 10, 9 32 40 AM Photo Dec 11, 7 48 33 PM Photo Dec 16, 11 01 49 AMone of the awkward aftermath of all having the exact same fleece is that we go out for breakfast all wearing them. opps, but i guess we are TWINIES!!

Photo Dec 06, 6 34 44 PM

happy christmas dear friends, with much love